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Supermicro Solutions for OpenStack

Canonical OpenStack provides the easiest way to design, deploy, manage, scale and upgrade OpenStack clouds.

Supermicro and Canonical have partnered to deliver OpenStack on Ubuntu, the most popular platform for OpenStack deployments. Canonical is committed to OpenStack by producing high quality releases of OpenStack on a cadence with


--> OpenStack Foundation releases, and Enterprises.


Supermicro Canonical OpenStack Certified Platforms

Join with more than 70% of production OpenStack clouds by building yours with Supermicro and Canonical.

Supermicro Canonical OpenStack Certified Platforms

--> Highlights

  • Validated reference architectures

  • Certified components

  • Scale out – One rack to many racks

  • Greenest Servers for the Cloud – Save hundreds of dollars per server

  • Lowest Cost - Best Performance / Watt / $ / ft2

  • Start as a pro by leveraging expertize support and services

Enterprise support for OpenStack is provided by Canonical in partnership with Supermicro where customers gain access to a global pool of knowledge & expertise. The partnership offers:

  • Discovery and design service – Together, we design your cloud to the required size and specifications —on your site, in your datacenter or hosted with one of our partners.

  • Bootstack service - Our experts take full responsibility for the deployment, management, monitoring and 24/7 availability of your new cloud

  • Transfer Control - As and when you decide to take control of your cloud back in house, we will train your team on its operations to ensure a smooth handover

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