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Experience Our Edge Over the Competition

Below are just some of Supermicro's product advantages:

  • First-to-Market

  • Latest Technologies (Simply Double, NVMe and Dual-Port NVMe, All-Flash Solutions, Supermicro RSD, Redfish, SIOM, M.2, New Form Factor Flash, CPU/GPU/Xeon Phi™, KNL, OPA, EDR, 100/40/25/10G Ethernet, BBP®, SuperDOM, 8-Way, ...)

  • Most Optimized Designs

  • Widest Range of Server/Storage Products Available

  • Best Selection of High-End Server/Storage Products

  • Global SKUs - Accelerated Deployment, Support and Service Worldwide

  • Redfish Based Server Management

  • End-to-End Server, Storage and Networking Total Solutions for Virtualization, Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Big Data)

  • Supermicro Rack Scale Design (Supermicro RSD)

  • Best Price/Performance Ratio

  • High Availability

  • High Performance and Quality

  • High Density

  • Extensive Product Lines to Customize depending on Customers' Needs

  • Global Services

These advantages have helped Supermicro establish itself as a true leader in server technology. The full range of Supermicro products stand above the competition by delivering industry-leading performance and efficiency at competitive prices. With the most extensive product line in the industry to meet the widest range of customer needs, Supermicro has proven itself to be a world leader in server design and manufacturing.

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